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August 31, 2008

Path to God

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Why path is more important than god. 

Because had there been a God like what we see in pictures, idols, movies, scriptures, religious books; it would have been easier for us to follow any path.   As your guide would tell you that this way you can find the god.  When you ask him ‘how will I come to know that this is God?  The guide would say – he looks like this and all that stuff. 

I can explain with a simple example.  You will understand if you got this right.

To find God, a guide tells you to – ‘find a fruit in the forest which tastes like air, which smells like water, the touch of which feels like white, and which looks exactly like god.’  Even if you find that fruit, you wouldn’t be able to match it with what your guide has told you.  Because the qualities expressed here are beyond the reach of five senses.

Path here does not mean the way or road or method or style or medium; but path here means preparation.  And the only thing the preparation wants us to do is – to do nothing, end all the doings, stop acting, cease your existence as ‘I’ and be empty.  Then only god will come down and fill in your empty space and you and god will be one.


July 21, 2008

God and Us

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When we say that we are a consciousness which can recognize his existence and love him back that would mean the infinity let the consciousness evolve into humans and the humans love him back. Why would the omnipotent or infinite require our love and for what? To worship and to praise him. And whatever term we use, like love and hatred, life and death, these are relative terms. Infinite is above life and death, creation and destruction. Nothing gets formed from nothingness to somethingness nor ends into nothingness. The problems arises when we think from the way we are made to think. Why should we assume if there is a creation there has to be a creator, because we are programed to think like that from our births. But here we are dealing with infinite I do not see a way to think anything about infinite with this mind. this is something above and beyond this restraints of mind and when i say this i mean when God is present, we are not; and when we think ourselves as something very intelligent, God is unthinkable. Only one way we can realize him, and this, by being him. When we realize we are part of him and we always were a part.

July 20, 2008

God must be crazy

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We for ages have assumed that we and God are ‘two’  Is there any basis for such assumption.  By God, we mean ‘omnipotent, omnipresent, and above time, space, and reason”  Having said that, God is everywhere.   If he is everywhere than we must be take birth, live, and die in God himself. 

Whatever is there is dwelling in god.  Where ever there is creation (galaxies, stars, planets), where ever there is destruction and where ever there is nothing, its all happening in God.  God has always been there and it will for ever and we are so small, helpless with a few grams of brain in our head, we cannot say that god and us are different. 

Like a wave forms in an ocean, it takes shape and size, it rises up, and then it falls and vanishes.  The wave was a part of ocean, it got created in ocean, it tried to rise (that is its life), then it died and become part of ocean.  Same is we and god. 


When Jesus said “forgive them as they dont know what they are doing”

He meant (could have) they dont know that they cannot kill me as I am not body,
they can destroy my body but they cant my soul and they are so innocent that they even dont know that it is the same energy (light) that makes them breathe and live as myself and they cannot destroy this energy.  So whom they are trying to kill – my body or the same source of energy. 

No they dont know. 

Have you ever gave a thought that when you produce fire where it comes from and when you extinguish it where it goes.  And the same fire will burn in anything and everything every time you try to create fire.  The soul is like this only.  It never takes birth nor dies.  It is there, everywhere and it expresses and takes forms of life.

July 12, 2008

God-less with Millions of Gods (concluding…)

(This is copy+paste of the concluding part of my post (God of the world or world of Gods) in blogspot.  Since my blog is accidentally deleted there, I am posting it again here with a different title.)

 This post:-

 The primitive man worshipped forces of nature, to say – fire, lightening and thunder, rains; certain animals like elephant, snakes, certain birds; trees; and other things which he could think in a way helped his course and to pacify them. 

Some Gods were invented out of good luck, well being, and prosperity. They even exist now in some old cultures and tribes.

Then man began to think logically and the old Gods were discarded and came the new ones which were more powerful and sounded real.

Sanatan dharma’ which means from the time immemorial was prevalent in Indian subcontinent for ages. Hindus considered Sanatan dharma not as religion but as a way of life. Their holy book ‘Vedas’ give the concept of ‘Tatvamasi’ means ‘He is I’. I stands for everything, matter as well as energy. Then came Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and other religions. The other ideologies like Zen, Confucius, Sufis, etc., followed.

It is strange to note that 3000 years back, there were hardly any religious battles fought. But within the past 3000 years, man came up with so many religions and more than 15,000 religious battles were fought just to prove the supremacy of one religion over the other.

 No religion or God practice violence, but history is full of such incidents.

 Later, the primary religions were further divided into sects due to difference of opinions; and it happened in every religion. Following this, came up small sects and a large number of self-acclaimed Gods everywhere in the world adding to the list of Gods.

 A baby grows up watching his parents worshiping God and thinks that it is a world created by ‘that’ God which they worship. But as he grows up, he finds he was wrong. It is not like this as ‘one God of the world’ but it is like ‘My God of the world.’

 I always wonder that among the millions of galaxies scattered in the universe, we know about Gods of only our galaxy that is Milky Way and that too of only our solar system and our planet earth. What if there is life like us in other planets and stars of our galaxy. Which religion would they be following?

 And this is only about our galaxy. There are millions of galaxies in the universe and there are innumerable solar systems, stars, planets. And if there is life out there and people believe like we in some form of God; which God would that be? Will it be Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or what? But when we have difference of opinion in our planet and therefore too many religions won’t there be millions of religions and billions of Gods in other parts of the universe. That would count around more than the total population of our planet.

 It’s very difficult to understand that we fight in the name of God. Can you imagine a person kills other person only because his religion is different from his own religion. While committing this crime don’t he think that the man he is killing in the name of God is also a creation of God. You make the God happy by killing God’s creation. Contrasting!

 The prophets and the messengers sacrificed themselves for us for what? To fight over their names or what? They sacrificed because they wanted to prove by their sacrifice that their life was for others, to spread the message of love. They never killed anyone; instead they got killed for others. Why cannot we understand their sacrifice?

 The concept of ‘The God Within’

The definition of God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and who is free from the constraints of dimensions of time, space, etc. If we follow the above definition then we will come to know that it is all God and nothing else.

All the planets, stars, galaxies, the indefinite expanding universe, everything is in God. That means all living and nonliving things are part of God. We are born, we breathe, and we die in God. There is God outside us and inside us. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the rains, the nature, the matter, energy, the creation, the destruction. Every cell of our body is God.

That is why we cannot see him. If we want to see him then we must stand as a separate entity from God which is not possible because where we will we stand separate; anywhere we move, we move in God. When we consider ourselves as separate from God, we can’t see him and when we accept God as omnipresent, then we cease to exist because we are in him only.

So, if we are part of him, what do not we feel like him, what are we full of miseries? Because of our ignorance!

We just have to be aware, aware that we are dwelling in God; God is within us and everywhere. The awareness will make us to see things in clarity. That there is no such thing like miseries or pains, good or bad, birth and death. It is all but one single entity as God.

Only a person who is aware that there is no pain or pleasure, birth or death can sacrifice his life for others with a smile on his face.

Where comes this awareness from?

It is here in our heart. God is not far away. Is very close, closest to us! More closer than anything! Just be aware of him and do nothing else. And the only way to do that is to stop, be silent, sit quiet with closed eyes and start the journey within.

It is very difficult to start within because we have learnt for ages that journey is meant to be outside away our body.

But this is a different journey, spiritual journey, journey to the innermost core of our soul.

(Since we all love and worship God in our own ways, I request you all to please read this post and leave their sincere comments, criticisms, views, and suggestions for this post. All comments are highly respected. Your sincere comment is my reward for this post!)

God-less with Millions of Gods

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This is a post I am copying+pasting from the blog I wrote in blogspot a few days ago.  I am doing this because my blog is accidentally deleted.  The post was – “God of the World or the World of Gods”


This post:


When and how did humans start thinking in terms that there has to be a creator for all the stuff?


Basically it just started with time management. Previously, when we were like any other animal on the planet, more than 70% of our daytime, we used to spent in search of food.


Then came the age when man learnt to hunt animals for food. This saved time for him. Further more, when man started living in groups, owning lands, and doing farming and raising cattle, then he had more time when he had nothing to do.


The time saved from hunting and searching food was devoted in socializing, recreating, learning how to speak in a particular way (language), and things other than food, shelter, and clothing.


Man could now defend himself from higher animals (lions, bears, elephants) and other things. A group of 10-15 men with spears and beating drums can fear the bunch of lions away. He became the master of all.


But there were things which he had can’t control. Like storms, rains, lightening, shaking of earth, diseases, and the most frightening DEATH. Since he could somehow protect himself from all the above things but when he was confronted with death he was helpless.


There was no way to avoid death.


He learnt the first bitter truth of this world. “The one which has a beginning has to have an end too.’ When he became helpless with these forces of nature he got an idea, to trick with these forces.


Dog has been the oldest friend and pet of man even before he started raising cattle and chickens and keeping horses.


The dog was the first animal that had a very smart understanding of man’s psychology. He knew that man needs to feed his ego every time. So he tricked him with his tail. Whenever he sees him he waves his tail and show his love in its language that “Oh master! I am your servant, I am to guard you and when I am doing so much for your well being wont you provide me, the poor fellow, a little food and your company (for ever! until you die first or unfortunately I).


The master had developed, in his subconscious, the dog’s virtue.  He started pleasing the nature’s forces. He started worshipping them, offerings in the form of flowers, animal killings, etc. He understood that if he keeps them happy and contended, they will not do any harm to him, instead they would protect him and his belongings.


Here started superstitions and other customs, some good and a lot of bad ones. But as the time gone by, and with his experience, he understood that these rains and lightening and storms are not big deal. They are not doing it on their own. (When he learnt about the cycle of winter, rains, summer, he can predict storms by looking at the color of the sky.) But ruling out these forces did not stop him from worrying because still there was ‘death’ and he had no answer to that.


Then he came up with the concept of God.


(to be cont……….)

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